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Over the years we have had a number of Newsletter Coordinators who direct the production of the group's newsletter, the Strathcona Writers' Muse. Copies of the past year's editions are posted below for your reading pleasure. As of the November 2016 issue, we welcome a new volunteer, but first a thank you to our outgoing volunteer, Beth Rowe. Beth has done a great job collecting the submissions and putting them together for your information and sharing. She is moving on - as she is our Your Lifetime of Stories coordinator, the job of the newsletter is being passed on to another member. Thank you, Beth! 

Welcome Mike Deregowski as our new coordinator!  Due to work schedules and other activities, Mike is no longer a director on the WFSC board, but will continue his volunteer commitment to the group through coordinating the newsletter each month. 

If you have a submission for the newsletter, please send it directly to Mike @ 

We welcome member's own work in any format - short (short) story, or long story can be serialized over several editions, poetry, news, book reviews, articles, photos, quotes - anything you have created. The newsletter will be out there for more than just our members to see - we are going to the platform "Mail Chimp" to distribute our words electronically. The link will be posted on this page and shared on social media. If you want a print copy you can do so from your own computer. If you have any questions, please direct them to our general email @ or use the Contact Us form. 

The WFSC reserves the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and length. If there is an issue that changes the members' work in any other way, the WFSC will contact you directly before publishing. We reserve the right to refuse work that does not fit the community cultural image of the group. Please, no "adult" content (profanity, etc.) as we cannot control who will read it when it is out there.

 Share and Enjoy your Words!

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Archive copies of previous editions are available in PDF files below:

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