Writers Circle

The WFSC Writers Circle meets the first Tuesday of every month throughout the year, at the Strathcona County Library in the Birch room.  In a safe workshop setting, members are encouraged to share their writing, no matter genre, format or style. Feedback is given based on the request of the reader. It could be help with a word, a title or an idea. It could be structural critique, technical help or just an audience. The circle is open to all considerations. This format allows individual voice to flourish; encourages fellowship; fosters friendships.

The basic premise of the group is writing, however, members may attend literary events in and around Sherwood Park. If you choose, arrange a group outing and then submit a review for the newsletter. This is one way you can keep in touch with what's happening in the community and it still gives you a chance to flex your writing muscles.

The Writers Sharing group meets the third Tuesday of every month in the Strathcona County Library - room options vary depending upon the number of participants. This meeting gives members another chance to meet and share their work. Connecting with others who share your passion is a reminder we are not alone and this association often inspires us to greater achievements.

Over the years the WFSC has kept the cost of joining our organization reasonable. Membership fees of $20 are payable at any time and are good for one year. Sign into the web site with your own account and you will be notified when your membership is due to expire. You can also renew online! The benefits of membership include access to the "members only" section of our web site and other member benefits as determined from time to time by the WFSC Board of Directors. It is not necessary to purchase a membership in order to particpate in the library hosted Writers Circle program. The WFSC welcomes everyone! 

A great way to determine if the WFSC Writers Circle is for you - be our guest for a couple of meetings and check us out! Everyone is welcome to attend; paying for a membership is an option.

10 year candles Thank you to those who could join us in celebration.

Why: The Writers Circle celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Sherwood Park and would like to share its success story. Our new book tells the Writers Circle story and offers encouragement and tips for others interested in starting their own writer's circle. Our growth, our experience, our challenges - all provide guidelines to ensure you make the most of your writing experience as a group.

If you would like to purchase our book please contact our publisher, Dream Write Publishing, or order online at: www.dreamwritepublishing.ca/catalog/books

For more information, please contact Linda (780) 445-0991

WFSC (c)October 2011 ISBN#978-0-9866981-7-0

From a Solitary Drop, The History of the Strathcona County Writers Circle 2001 - 2011

$12.95 with 50% of proceeds going to further WFSC literary programs in the community.

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