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Delayed Spring

Barely warm sun-rays are relished

The silver and grey bark shimmering in the pale sunshine

We look hopefully for the first bloom of green

Where is the Spring?

The snow begins to melt

Water trickles and pools

Barely warm sun-rays are relished

Hopes rise with spring’s promise

Brown earth greets us

Morning treks are muddy but no complaining

Warmth can be felt on face and hands

We patiently wait for spring’s colours

Awoken by fresh snow

Our hearts despair at cold and ice

Spring disappeared, winter has returned

How long do we have to suffer?

Another day of dullness and grey

Warm jackets pulled tight

Searching the sky for the golden globe

Where is Spring now?

Morning brings bright sunshine

Ice and snow receding

Hopes rise again

Maybe today will be the start of Spring

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