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Saturday Writing Prompt -17th April -Winter Retreat

Use the image as your poem or story starter. Write about a day spent here.

How to use this prompt: Using the picture and heading, create a short story or poem incorporating it. There is no right or wrong 'answer' just whatever your imagination sparks from the subject.

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23 de abr. de 2021

Winter Retreat

Feeling the calm and peace

The cabin is warm

There is coffee

I can hear the solitude

In this winter retreat

but only in my mind



Looking to leave the headaches of the past year behind us for a week, my wife, Kendra, and myself searched endlessly through countless websites offering the type of retreat we hoped to find. The one we settled on promised us everything we were looking for – and more. It boasted picturesque views of mountains on every side of the cabin, fresh snow, guided winter hikes, skiing, a frozen pond for skating, and the weather station predicted above average temperatures in that area for the whole week. It was perfect. Once we agreed, I booked our vacation while Kendra began taking care of the details we needed sorted before making the trip including adding anything we might need for a…

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