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Saturday Writing Prompt -6th March- Parlor Tales

What tales can you tell about this parlor?

How to use this prompt: Using the picture and heading, create a short story or poem incorporating it. There is no right or wrong 'answer' just whatever your imagination sparks from the subject.

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Hair, Gossip, and Grease

The old wooden sign that used to prominently read Cardell Beauty Parlour and Chainsaw Repair is now coming loose from its supports, the paint is chipped and peeling, and the wood is cracked in several places. I was young when my dad first hung that sign many years ago but I remember it clearly seventy years later. I always felt it was funny, growing up, that my parents offered two very different services in one building. I wasn’t the only one who found it strange – I must have been asked about it from kids at school every other day and customers asked my parents about it when they came in with their chainsaws or for…


Mar 06, 2021

March 6, 2021 Writing prompt.

The chair reclines and she rolls her eyes.

The water runs hot. Steam begins to rise.

Oil leaks onto the well-worn tile.

A man drop his wrench and forces a smile.

Acrylic add-ons brighten up those hands.

She feels better, like a walk in the sand.

Every chair is occupied. Demand is very high.

Customers always wait for service. No one asks why.

Mandy Eve-Barnett
Mandy Eve-Barnett
Mar 06, 2021
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Very well done.

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