• 10 year anniversary Calendar icon10 Years of Writing our Dreams

    Check out our story from the first 10 years of our growth. Although in calendar format, this keepsake marks our place in Strathcona County arts & culture history. Get your copy today and help support our fundraising efforts. All money raised is channeled back into the community. 

  • linking writing communitiesThe links provided here are to local groups we've worked with or have an affiliation with - to find out more about each one click their logo and visit their web site. Remember to check out the terms and conditions or any fees associated with membership or servcies.

  • 276 Great gift idea for the writer on your list. Give a WFSC conference T-Shirt!

  • Roses in memoriam Remembering those writers who have gone before us - their work, their passion, their life.

  •   Your Lifetime of Stories   - get your workbook from the WFSC. What's your story?

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  • Solitary Drop @2011 Book Cover

    This book recounts the history of the Strathcona County Writers Circle, as told by members of the group. The book not only includes the contributing authors' vision of how the Circle affected their writing, but includes interaction with others around them who share their journey. The book also provides points to consider if starting your own writing group.
  • Writing Prompt Journey - WFSC 2010Although this book targets writers, everyone will enjoy this collection of stories and poems from 17 authors as they explore their creativity and respond to 20 different writing prompts. It displays the diversity that exists among writers even when prompted by the same written inspiration. Go on - give it a try! 

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  • What would the opening line to your memoir be?


    Remember our workbook can help if you are delving into your memoir. http://www.dreamwritepublishing.ca/retail/books/your-lifetime-stories

  • You enter the old bookstore, the proprietor is nowhere to be found, then you hear a whisper.