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WFSC Prompt Book Project 2020

Writing Prompt Journey

The WFSC published Book 1 -

released at Words in the Park 2010.

This book offers 20 unique writing prompts, and additional challenges for each, to "pump up the prompt." Samples for each of the prompts are provided by 17 writers from the WFSC and 5 artists provide illustrated accompaniments to each of the prompts. Read them first or read them last... after you've had your turn - there is no right or wrong way to inspire your creativity.

Writing Prompts - The Journey Continues

The WFSC celebrates our 15 year anniversary in 2020.

In celebration, members are invited to participate in the second prompt book to be released at Words in the Park 2020.


• Open to WFSC members in good standing (*good standing = fees paid, and the individual supports the efforts of the WFSC in a positive and inclusive manner.)

• Up to 5 submissions allowed per member. There is no guarantee that all submissions will be included in the book. The content will be reviewed and edited by the WFSC Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for acceptance, granting suitability, and approval of the content received. Contributors will be contacted if there is any issue that needs resolving prior to accepting a piece of work. The WFSC reserves the right to limit content based on the number of submissions received.

• Submission fee: $25.00 for 1-5 submissions.

• Those members submitting work accepted for publication will received one complimentary book copy.

• Word limit = 1,000 for prose and no limit for poetry (within reason – meaning no epic book-long poems, Guy )

• Theme: 10 years / decade / anniversary / tin / and/or use any prompts posted to the web site from December 2019 to May 1st, 2020. Click <HERE> to get writing. Please include on your work your name and the prompt (name and date) or theme used. We will be using the themes to design the book layout sections.

• Deadline for entries = June 30th, 2020

• The book will be launched by September 30th, 2020

• Contributors – please provide a bio about your involvement with the group and picture (headshot) to be included in the book. • Submissions are to be emailed to with payments made via online <HERE> ($25 entry fee - valid WFSC members only) or via cheque mailed to: P.O. Box 57083 RPO Eastgate, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5L7;  – you will receive a receipt.

As mentioned above, members contributing and published in the book will receive one complimentary copy; other copies can be purchased by contributors at a member-only reduced rate to be determined once the pricing is set (estimate $10 each). The book will be similar to the first one and most likely retail for the same price ($20).

If you are not a member of the WFSC and would like to become a member - Click <HERE> – or if you have not yet renewed your membership – please contact Linda @


🙂 Thank you and Happy Writing!!

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