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Making a Difference

Your Lifetime of Stories is a valuable discovery program developed by the WFSC to encourage the sharing of stories.Everyone has a story to tell and, although they are the best one to tell that story, often they are unable to master the "writing" of it. Also, most often, they fail to see the value of their own story. These are a couple of the reasons stories do not get recorded beyond the verbal stage - a person is hung up on the physical ability to put words to page and is unaware of the value that story may have to others beyond their immediate circle of family and friends. We believe the technicality of "writing" can be supported through other means, like a writers group, a compassionate helper, or learning the basics. We know everyone is not at the same level of ability when sharing stories, but everyone's story is important and deserving of being told. That's where our program comes in, because it is designed to break the recall into smaller processes - discovery, identification, exploration - all these smaller components contribute to the bigger picture.

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