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One Meeting at a Time

The Writers Circle, under the auspices of the WFSC, is open to everyone and there is no charge or commitment - other than a mutual respect for one another's writing. You do not have to be a member of the WFSC in order to attend the Writers Circle. Member notices will be shared sometime during the meeting so you are aware of upcoming events and workshops. 

Over the years the WFSC has kept the cost of joining our organization reasonable. Membership fees of $20 are payable at any time and are good for one year. Sign into the web site with your own account and you will be notified when your membership is due to expire. You can also renew online! The benefits of membership include access to the "members only" section of our web site and other member benefits as determined from time to time by the WFSC Board of Directors.

A great way to determine if the WFSC Writers Circle is for you - attend a couple of meetings and check us out! Everyone is welcome to attend; paying for a membership is an option.

Drop ins welcome at any meeting but Reserving your spot will give us the opportunity to prepare information and know our numbers.

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2011 WAS 10 YEARS

Celebrating Our Story

The Writers Circle celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Sherwood Park in October 2011. Our new book shares our success story and tells the Writers Circle history and offers encouragement and tips for others interested in starting their own writer's circle. Our growth, our experience, our challenges - all provide guidelines to ensure you make the most of your writing experience as a group.

If you would like to purchase our book please click below: 

$12.95 with 50% of proceeds going to further WFSC literary programs in the community.

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