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Remembering those writers who have gone before us - their work, their passion, their life.

Their words will live forever in our hearts.



August 19, 1935 - August 19, 2017

Heinz joined the WFSC in December 2005. He took over producing the WFSC Newsletter, the Strathcona Muse approximately one year later, and filled that role until 2013. For seven years, members of the group eagerly awaited his informative publication with shared news, writing, and Heinz's own words on a monthly basis. His volunteer contribution to our group was truly appreciated. Health issues prevented him from participating to the extent he once did and was the only reason he had to step down from the board.

We will miss him.


1934 - 2015

Helen was one of the original members of the Writers Circle, established in 2001 at the Sherwood Park Library when it was in the Eastgate Mall. Her extensive job and volunteer career in Sherwood Park made her a community treasure. She is certainly missed by all who knew her. One of the lessons from her books was that: even when financially poor, you are rich if you have the support and love of your family. Her writing included many avenues, but she left with us two books that share stories of her life growing up on the farm.

Books by Helen:

A Gift of Trouble

Old Dolly and Me

Helen Hunter Lavender.jpg


Our dear friend, Consorcia, passed away quietly with all her children surrounding her on November 7, 2009.

An original Writers Circle member who helped make the decision to start the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County she was part of the founding executive. Consorcia wrote beautiful, thoughtful poetry about love between adults, her lovingly tended garden, the joys of children, the closeness of family, her treasured friends, and occasionally of the meaner aspects of life. The performances of her own poetry were theatrical with her well-modulated voice emphasizing the meaning of her inspiring words. As a former school teacher she knew how best to help other writers with encouragement and praise but also how to help us learn to do better, to correct an error or change a word or a sentence to improve our writing. We all benefited from her careful listening and keen observations - she guided us with gentle wisdom. We honour Consorcia and the legacy of love, friendship, and poetry she left all who were privileged to know her. We miss her dearly.

(Written by Karen Probert, WFSC past president.) 


Her beautiful gift of poetry will live with us always.


May 4th, 1955 - April 30th, 2009

~ Obituary Friday May 8, 2009 - Sherwood Park News

"Vicki was an extraordinary, loving and dedicated teacher who inspired, nurtured and left lasting imprints on many students' lives. She touched numerous people in the community with her loving nature and compassion."

We will remember her words for she was a gifted writer.

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