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Past President

Asking "Who am I ?" is an interesting question. One of the many things I am is a writer. I've had articles and fictional short stories, as well as some poetry, published in magazines and journals. My book of nineteen fictional short stories, 'Fragments of Lives' was published in 2011 by Dream Write Publishing and my second book, also fictional short stories, 'Colouring Our Lives' was published in 2014.Through that I'm learning to be a marketer - a role I had never planned. To the WFSC I'm a founding member and currently acting Past President. To my wonderful adult children and their spouses I'm simply 'Mom'. Also I fill roles as wife, sister, aunt, cousin, in-law and friend to a variety of people from old to young. Writing is a passion which I fulfil by journaling, corresponding by email as well as snail mail, writing memoir stories and fictional short stories, even a few not-so-short ones. There are many things I love - hiking in the Rockies, travelling to cities in Canada and the US as well as to Mexico, driving to new places, snorkelling with sea turtles and colourful fish, laughing with friends, strong cheese, my husband's smiling blue eyes, red wine, snow falling softly outside my windows, the first tulips of spring, the scent of lilacs through my bedroom window on a warm evening, the colour pink, memories of my parents, the tiny curled toes of a new baby, reading books with strong women characters, listening to my kids talk about their childhoods, the clear fresh water of a Northern Ontario lake, mist in the distance, a desert in bloom after a healing rain, talking on the phone with a friend..........   My favourite quote is: 'One of the hardest things in life to learn, is which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn'. I've burned more than a few but am hoping to cross a myriad more.

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