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WFSC New Member Information - 1

The WFSC is an open and accepting group of writers that welcomes new members to the fold. Over the years, we have created a name for the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County by being active in our community and supportive of all writers. Our mandate says exactly that: Supporting writers... any age, any stage of their writing career. Many of our members have gone on to be published authors; however, if you just enjoy writing to clear your mind or as a creative hobby outlet, then this is the group for you. We are all-inclusive. Members write the gamut of styles, voices, and genres. As a new WFSC member, you might like to just attend the monthly writer's circle to meet new people and hear how words can be shared in an open and safe venue. If you are not able or ready to share, we appreciate listeners and readers, too! After all, readers are why we write; whether you keep the creative work for yourself, your friends, your family... or public release, we all need readers to give our passion life beyond the page. When you are ready to share your work - we are here to listen.

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