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Gather to share imagery, whispers, and thought.

Poets in the Park was established close to the beginning of The Writers Foundation (WFSC) around 2005. It ran for a few years with active members sharing their poetry at business lunches, libraries, and coffee shops. One of our late members, and original founders, CONSORCIA LEONARDO MENDOZA was a focal point for Poets in the Park. She passed away in November of 2009 and the group disbanded shortly after. More recently, with the influx of poetry writers within our group Guy Chambers and Pamela Beattie have graciously stepped up to continue the legacy. 

The thing about writing... it stays with us for a lifetime. You can read more about our 'In Memoriam' members <HERE>. Just like Consorcia's words will live with us always, we want to provide connection so our words can do the same.

Poets in the Park meets the third Wednesday of every month online. Open to WFSC members and non-members, it is a welcoming group to share your prose, gather muses, or listen to spoken art. As Covid regulations make their way to more in-person events, we hope to see poetry readings, smiling faces, and more legacies born.

See you soon!

2021 WAS 20 YEARS

Celebrating Our Story

The Writers Circle under the WFSC will celebrate its 20 year anniversary in Sherwood Park in October 2021. Our books share our success story, tell the Writers Circle history, and offers encouragement with tips for others interested in starting their own writer's circle. Our growth, our experience, our challenges - all provide guidelines to ensure you make the most of your writing experience as a group.


If you would like to purchase our From A Solitary Drop (celebration of 10 years) book please click below: 

$12.95 with 50% of proceeds going to further WFSC literary programs in the community.