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I am proud to be one of the six founding members of the WFSC and have been on the board of directors as secretary/treasurer from its meager beginnings to April 2010 when I finally shared the job with Mandy. I now hold the job of treasurer and participate on all planning and events committees. Seeing the group grow to what it is today is truly a wonder and something I will hold dear in my heart, forever.


As a writer, all creative writing, especially poetry, has played a big part in my life as either a favorite school subject, a hobby, or now as full time profession. I remember from a young age there was always the dream to write the "Great Canadian Novel" and I have fulfilled that desire a few books ago, with many more to go. Although I don't cater to the hype of best seller, I believe that sharing your work is already an accomplishment in itself. In 2010, I decided to further my involvement with others by starting my own publishing company, Dream Write Publishing. What an honor to work with others and read their words entrusted to me to publish! 


The time and effort I invest into the remarkable WFSC is more than worth its while. Like the brochure says "encourages fellowship...fosters friendship." As a member of the Writers Circle since 2001, I have had opportunity to meet many different writers - some who have become very special to me - others who passed through my life with the intent they were put here for - a reason, a season, a lifetime. My association with this group has allowed me the chance to prove to myself and others ...I am a writer and I am an artist, but I am also a good friend and support others and their work to the greater good of the community.


A truly cherished moment - recipient of the Pride of Strathcona County award for Arts, Culture & Heritage in June 2012. I thank my fellow writers and friends for the nomination but especially my dear friend, Mandy. 

I am creative, determined, and will always feel that my involvement with the WFSC is part of my journey upon this earth.

Learn. Create. Share. 

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