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Day 13 | April Poetry Month Challenge | New Normal

WFSC Creative Writing Facilitators, Mike Deregowski and Kelsey Hoople, challenge you to participate in national poetry month. 1 poem per day for 30 days with no working ahead. 😉

Overall theme 'When Life Changes'.

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Day 13 | April 13th | New Normal

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Jul 24, 2021

New Normal

On a horizon kissed by the midnight storm

A sun of gold and copper-lily rose,

A herald to the coming of a new form -

A harbinger of days cold-and-stole.

What was it that came with this new day

Amidst the bustle and business of normal below;

Could it be that with the rising of the sun was borne a new way

To rid the world of inaction so slow?

Or did the sun come to herald the bringing

Of seven horsemen, riders of a world not so foreign -

With their bows of steel singing

And welcoming to the world screams, maimed and dying?

And beneath our glass ceilings

Those protectors of elements outside our control,



Linda Pedley
Linda Pedley
Apr 21, 2021

April 13th – New Normal

If there is one thing upon which we can all agree

It’s human nature to compare what is to what was

And our reflection on what was is a necessity

And then the simplest phrase becomes a buzz.

A ‘New Normal’ describes our situation now

Even though it’s lasted already a year

Like a performer on stage taking a bow

The pandemic continues to feed into our fear

Some of us get it and do as directed

We consider the good of our community

We stay home to ensure the vulnerable are protected

Accepting that the sacrifice is not all about ‘me’

Others appear angered and march to protest

Which, of course, is their right…


Lana O'Neill
Lana O'Neill
Apr 20, 2021



A neighborhood preoccupied with

Commutes at dawn and errands

Before mealtime.

Sons and daughters zoomed away to

Soccer, gymnastics, swim meets and

The like.

Acquaintances with filled social calendars of

Choir practice on Tuesday evenings or

Book club discussions at

The library.

A sliver of evening cherished, feet kicked up,

The frenzy calmed just enough to meet

The night.


A neighborhood repurposed with

Projects of dining room home offices or

Classrooms; basement fitness centers or

Winter greenhouses.

Sons and daughters at home, hooked up to

Virtual friends, riding bikes up and down

The street.

Acquaintances zoomed into a box on Tuesday

Evenings, pantomiming the opening ditty of

The Brady Bunch.

A sliver…


Kelsey Hoople
Kelsey Hoople
Apr 17, 2021


New Normal

Wearing masks

For ordinary tasks.

Seeing family and friends

Abruptly ends.

Staying home on a Saturday night

Now lots of time to write.

Worked hard to pay the bills

Now I stay home to keep from feeling ill.

A once active world full of thrill

Had suddenly come to a standstill.

This is our new normal.

Welcome to 2020, pal.

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