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Last Christmas

Prompt: You are stuck in the world of a Christmas song. You must write a story based on the words and concepts. Last Christmas by Wham

Last Christmas

“I love you with a passion, darling, you have my heart.”

Jeremy’s declaration in the front seat of the car dispersed into the heated air, as he drove to the Christmas party. Michelle did not answer just smiled and gazed out at the wintery streets as they passed. It was not the reaction he’d expected. All year long their relationship grew from acquaintances to friends and eventually to lovers. She was his perfect, his one, and to show his adoration he’d bought a special gift for her. A ring.

As he drew up to the house, sounds of merriment could be heard and coupled with the bright lights twinkling and flashing it made the evening all the more festive. Jeremy turned to kiss Michelle before exiting the vehicle, but she was already halfway out of the door. He frowned but got out and locked the car. She grabbed his arm as they walked up the driveway and his anxious worry disappeared.

The house was full of revelers some more merry than others by the slurring of welcome and unsteadiness of their gait. Discarding their coats on top of a pile on an entryway sofa, they entered the throng of merriment. A huge Christmas tree stood in one corner, music blared from the stereo and mistletoe hung from every vantage point known to man. Jeremy leaned into Michelle’s ear to ask what she would like to drink. She answered a tall gin and tonic. He saw anxiousness in her eyes, but why?

Then he saw her – Adele – standing by the bar, her laugh infectious and loud. Now he knew the reason for Michelle’s hesitation to come. No one had told him his ex-girlfriend would be present. He kissed Michelle within a hug and went to the kitchen to grab their drinks.

Freddy was chatting to several revelers and looked up at Jeremy. He held up his hands in resignation before Jeremy could speak.

“I know, I didn’t know she was coming either. Heather kept it on the down low. She knew you would not come if you knew. When Adele walked in I was going to call you, but realized you would already be on your way. I’m sorry mate.”

Jeremy gave his friend a hefty slap on the back, and then said. “As long as she keeps away from me and Michelle, it’s all good on my part, but I’m not too sure about Michelle. If she feels uncomfortable we will leave.”

Michelle was standing in exactly the same spot when he got back with their drinks. She leaned in to whisper.

“Did you know she was here?”

“Absolutely, not! Come on let’s go in the other room.”

As the party progressed, the alcohol lessened their inhibitions and when Michelle was elsewhere Adele approached him.

“Hey, stranger, how are you?”

Jeremy couldn’t help his response. After all she’d dumped him last Christmas. “Oh, just peachy thanks, I’ve found someone who really loves me.”

Adele’s smile faded and she looked downward. “I know I was a shit, Jeremy, but when cupid’s arrow hits what can you do?”

“You’re full of it, Adele, you know that? You could have broken up with me before Christmas. Not broken my heart after I gifted you that brooch. By the way where is it?”

Jeremy liked the guilt that crossed her face, and then bit his lip as she drew back her bolero from her dress. There it was in all its glory, the diamonds sparkling in the light.

She unpinned it and handed to him. “I don’t deserve it. I am sorry.”

Jeremy took the brooch and put it in his pocket. His eyes met Michelle’s across the room. She gave a small smile and raised her glass. This Christmas he really was giving his heart to someone who deserved it.

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