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Saturday Writing Prompt - 22nd January - A Rendezvous

Your character is meeting someone - who is it? Why are they meeting?

How to use this prompt: Using the picture and heading, create a short story or poem incorporating it. There is no right or wrong 'answer' just whatever your imagination sparks from the subject.

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Like the story.

Me gusta

Alana Gueutal
Alana Gueutal
23 ene 2022

As soon as she stepped out of the car, Hanna nervously thrusting the keys at the Ritz valet, all she could hear was the sound of her stilettos on the stone walkway. Hands shaking nervously, she checks her watch. Relief, she was early. She slowed her pace just a bit. She knew she wanted to be early, but not too early. Just up ahead, she sees a man with a cup out. A slight frown flashed across her face. A panhandler? Here, at the Ritz? She thought somewhat skeptically. Seemed unlikely, so she kept her eyes on him. The closer she got to the man she realized he was staring, steely-eyed at her. He seemed too clean to be homeless…

Me gusta
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