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Saturday Writing Prompt -2nd January - Secret Door

Use this image as your poem or story starter. Where does it lead?

How to use this prompt: Using the picture and heading, create a short story or poem incorporating it. There is no right or wrong 'answer' just whatever your imagination sparks from the subject.

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Mandy Eve-Barnett
Mandy Eve-Barnett
Jan 23, 2021

This is a great story Joe...loved the ending.


Fate’s Door

(Hidden door prompt Jan. 2, 2021)

Carly Jenkins pumped her arms and breathed in and out with each step her sneakered foot landed against the packed forest path laden with dried leaves and small twigs. She escaped to her forest sanctuary to rid her mind of the noises that plagued her every minute of each day. She used to love living in the city, the fast-paced lifestyle – everyone always on the go – and even the sounds of constant traffic, late night shouting matches from outside her apartment window, and the blaring sirens cutting through all other noises were a comfort to her and made her feel alive. Lately things had changed. She no longer felt at…

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