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Saturday Writing Prompt -3rd April - Alone

Updated: May 13, 2021

Write a short story or poem with the main subject of alone. Use this image as your poem or story starter.

How to use this prompt: Using the picture and heading, create a short story or poem incorporating it. There is no right or wrong 'answer' just whatever your imagination sparks from the subject.

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Alone prompt – April 3, ‘21

I stare out at the dark, blank sky. There is nothing but water all around me and my tiny boat – no stars to guide me; no moon to light my way – nothing but blackness.

The week started off so different – better. I had an opportunity to take a cruise ship around the Pacific Ocean. I had never been aboard a ship like that. I would have gone with somebody but none of my friends or family could afford such a trip. I couldn’t let the opportunity slip past me because I’d be alone so I purchased my tickets, flew to the coast where I would catch the ship, and set…

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