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The Strange Case of Fiddletown

Creative Writing Workshop WITP

The prompt asked us to create a description and/or a history of a town using one of these place names. Apollox, Caarsin, Suunshine or Fiddletown. I chose Fiddletown.

Hidden in the depths of the mountains, a small town flourishes. It is populated by beings of short stature with six fingers on each hand. Their ancestors escaped persecution from other people decades before. Safe now, they exist as hunters and gatherers existing in a solitary environment. Until, that is a couple of exploring mountaineers happen across the town.

This causes fear and consternation as well as an ethical question. Should they hide, locking everything up and hope the men think the town deserted, or run into the higher forest and wait them out or murder the two men? Whatever they do will alert the outside world...

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