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Day 14 | April Poetry Month Challenge | Temptations of the Wind

WFSC Creative Writing Facilitators Mike Deregowski and Kelsey Hoople challenge you to participate in national poetry month. 1 poem per day for 30 days with no working ahead. 😉

Overall theme 'The Great Escape'.

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Day 14 | April 14th | Temptations of the Wind

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Linda Pedley
Linda Pedley
Apr 19, 2020

14. Temptations of the Wind

Edges of my page ruffle with the wind’s caress

I smile thinking there must be a message

Write softly – keep putting words to page

Don’t worry the image you envisage.

A stronger breeze whips corners a-mess

Perhaps suggesting – what – stronger diction?

Or maybe I am dallying too slow, no friction

Busy contemplating life versus life-like fiction.

I put pen to paper and respond with, "yes!"

Knowing that focus allows us to begin

Words and concepts start to settle, and I grin

Swayed by the temptations of the wind.

(c) Linda J. Pedley 04-19-2020


Lana O'Neill
Lana O'Neill
Apr 16, 2020

Temptations of the Wind

I wake to meet another morn

And look upon blue skies new born.

I sigh and wonder, yet again,

Would isolation end? But when?

The day begins, no pomp or show-

Ablutions, coffee, J. Trudeau.

What’s next? Some chores then walk the dog,

Knit, bead, bake or a 5K jog.

Before I choose, I glance outside-

A wind has stirred, I smile then stride

Beyond the walls that keep at bay,

The wayward germs from yesterday.

The wind swoops in to say hello

With scents of grass still damp from snow.

Distant caws caress my ears,

Sparrow trills dispel all fears.

My lungs inhale a faint wood fire

From down the street, a birch-wood pyre.



Mandy Eve-Barnett
Mandy Eve-Barnett
Apr 16, 2020

Poem by Sharon Baggs

The Temptation of The Wind Apr 13th poem A flock of seagulls Just hang' around Above the light poles Then down on the ground For a moment They are so still Then hopp'n around Doing what they will. Look'n for food A scrap here and there A. Hop then a walk Nope not going to share Not one by one Do they fly In the air But like a flock in the sky Why now Why today? Are they flocking together In this way Up,up they fly Coasting on the breeze Calling out to each other Not landing on trees It must be The tempting wind That makes them soar Maybe they are cold Or is it the temptation ? The temptation of the wind !


Apr 15, 2020

Temptations of the Wind


Who are we but leaves in the wind of the wild

That breezes through the autumn woods

Of a time gone to something beyond summer mild,

Into the darkened winter moods

Of the seasons gone to seed.

Look at my hand, the way it flutters to grasp

Like the fading shadow of times gone, addictions unweened;

Look at me, do not fail, do not give that last gasp

And fall to the temptations

Of the wind, to the softest touch of breeze

That will take you, forsake you, leave you with a lasting hesitation;

A what if this had been different, this time around, what if the lease

Hadn’t been taken by the wind like…


Temptations of the Wind

The wind blows

Rippling the water

The temptations grow

But I must falter

Cannot go out in the boat and sail

Or cut a wave on my board

Made a promise and I shall not fail

A broken promise to my wife, too often I explored

I am torn between

The lure of love

And the wind over the sea

I cast my eyes to the heavens above

I feel myself drawn in

Tempted to cave

Not really a sin

Last time she forgave

Clouds roll over and open up

An unexpected shower

No sign it will let up

No sense in fighting that kind of power

Decision made; it was not mine

Head for dinner

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