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Day 14 | April Poetry Month Challenge | Time Stops For No One

WFSC Creative Writing Facilitators, Mike Deregowski and Kelsey Hoople, challenge you to participate in national poetry month. 1 poem per day for 30 days with no working ahead. 😉

Overall theme 'When Life Changes'.

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Day 14 | April 14th | Time Stops For No One

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Jul 21, 2021

Time stops for no one

It can be seen in the turning of the sun to the moon

Or as the early star touches the horizon bright -

Marked by summer-turned-to-fall-to-soon,

Frozen winter to thaw in spring night.

Inexorable, like the tides upon an ocean shore,

We try to track it, but we end up always begging for more -

More time that stops for no one

No matter how hard our victories may be won,

Perhaps it is the Sandman's old joke

To terrify our children at night -

For when it does stop-like-poke

It renders our heart string tight,

And in a moment, we seem to get our wish,

But like the Sandman, it slips within our grip…


Linda Pedley
Linda Pedley
Apr 21, 2021

April 14th – Time Stops for No One

Blank page

I close my eyes

My mind wanders and wonders

What words would suffice.

A harbinger of delay, procrastination

Too much supposing

Too much thinking

Instead of letting words fall as they may

Not enough writing

When fighting with the what-ifs

And where-tos

Trying to plan, strategize, compromise

Looking to the skies

Wishing for more time

Debating rhyme

I open my eyes

Blank page…

Go back to the beginning of what’s done



Time stops for no one.

© Linda J. Pedley April 2021


Kelsey Hoople
Kelsey Hoople
Apr 17, 2021


Lana O'Neill
Lana O'Neill
Apr 15, 2021


Mirrors and clocks have

Aided and abetted time

In the crime of

Picking away at our parts

In front of our eyes and ears

Whilst we primp and

Pose for perfections in

Reflections from silvered glass

Experienced in revealing our success

One fine day

Only to take it away the next

Kickstarting the codependent

Timepiece which in turn compounds

The reality of the countdown in

Progress in loud ticks and whispered tocks

Fueling our compulsion to fuss or fight

Against a ravage we are ill-equipped to catch

Because it is devoid of the off switch for which we are

The sole caretaker.

Just breathe.



Time Stops For No One

Days go by so fast

We know they cannot last

We wish they were slower

And able to play them over and over

But time stops for no one.

We cannot go back

Or stop time in its tracks

Only moving forward

To goals we strive toward

Because time stops for no one

Take the most out of life

Do not waste your time with strife

Collect your favourite memories

On this your fantastic journey

For time stops for no one

We only have one shot

So give it all you’ve got

Leave no stone unturned

And you’ll get the life you’ve earned

So, when all is said and done

You won’t care if time…

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