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Day 18 | April Poetry Month Challenge | Curse of Freedom

WFSC Creative Writing Facilitators Mike Deregowski and Kelsey Hoople challenge you to participate in national poetry month. 1 poem per day for 30 days with no working ahead. 😉

Overall theme 'The Great Escape'.

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Day 18 | April 18th | Curse of Freedom

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20 avr. 2020

Curse of Freedom


Alive, in the land of the liberty

And the righteous; what a time, what a day,

To survive, give thanks to the almighty

That demands you hide what-you-are-say.

Alive, or are we?

In this land we call liberty; let me ask you,

I wonder if it is truth you can see

Or just that hand-bought-and-paid-for-view?

But we are free, you tell me, free to choose and move

Behind these electronic-screens-and-habitats-built.

We are given a freedom to win-or-to-lose,

With the choice being as simple as a this-or-that-fit.

But fools we are, for fooling ourselves so

To thinking that this is a-reality-of-our-own;

It is but the curse of freedom written-and-go,

To believe in a liberty without being full…


Linda Pedley
Linda Pedley
19 avr. 2020

18. Curse of Freedom

Do we expect too much given where in the world we live?

Greed and ignorance are rampant, we want more than we give.

Human rights fought for hard over centuries of time

When “I” am more important than “you” – a bad sign


Extension of rights


Expectations of life


Propensity to fight

Is too much the curse of freedom?

(c) Linda J. Pedley 04-19-2020


Curse of Freedom

You always wanted a girl

Someone to love

And be your whole world

No one gave you that shove

When you found her

You were happy for a while

That time passed like a blur

Before long you were acting like a child

Complaining you never see friends

She must always come first

You whine about how you want it to end

And call her the worst

Your freedom was forsaken

Love taken for granted

You were shaken

Not the wish you wanted granted

When you walked away

Surprise came to all

We never thought we’d see the day

Never imagined you’d fall

You see your friends more freely

All of whom are part of a couple

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