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WFSC Creative Writing Workshop Review - 28th December

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I really enjoyed the workshop, which gave us writing exercises in different styles.

Here is my ten minute piece for Excerpt. I had to use: darkness of a rocky path.

Will they enter into the darkness of the rocky path?

Two young boys know they cannot turn back, the man is still in pursuit but the unknown safety of the rock-face path makes them hesitate. One boy kicks at the rock formation in front of them, it does not crumble. Before they can confer the deep tone of threat comes from behind them. Glancing backward, they see the heavy set man gasping for breath, hands on knees but glaring at them.

"I'll kill the both of you."

"We have to go, come on Tom."

With their

backs to the rock-face, they step onto the narrow rocky path and pray they do not fall.

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